Coffee Talk Episode 1 + Episode 2 - Double Shot Bundle

Coffee Talk Episode 1 + Episode 2 - Double Shot Bundle

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Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is a game about listening to people’s problems and helping them by serving up a warm drink out of the ingredients you have in stock. It is a game that depicts lives as humanly as possible, while having a cast that is more than just humans. Immerse yourself in the stories of alternative-Seattle inhabitants, ranging from a dramatic love story between an elf and a succubus, an alien trying to understand humans’ lives, and many others modern readers will find strongly echo the world around them.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

Dust off your coffee machine and prepare your warmest smile to meet your customers again in the second episode of the much-loved coffee brewing and heart-to-heart talking simulator; Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly.

It’s time to revisit your favorite late-night coffee shop and reconnect with your fantasy friends over a warm drink or two. You are the barista, and your customers aren’t always human. Listen to their stories, fix them a coffee, and influence their hearts.

Each copy of the Double Shot Bundle includes:

  • A physical copy of each game
  • Bundle-exclusive Coffee Mug
  • Bundle-exclusive Embroidered Patch
  • Acrylic Standee w/ 6 changeable café-goers
  • Double-sided Tote Bag
  • Mini Comics Collection
  • Tea Towel
  • 2 Wooden Charms
  • Memopad featuring characters from the game
  • Sticker Sheet (11 Stickers)
  • Sticker Sheet (9 Stickers)
  • A Soundtrack Download Card for each game
  • Collector's Edition Box

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